Welcoming myself to the world of blogging…

So as part of a writing platform challenge I have been ordered to create a blog.  I am terribly certain that I don’t know why I am supposed to do this.  I do not belong to any social media sites.  My general thought is that people simply don’t care what I am doing.  Social media, to me, represents many a petty thought and immature rambling of people who I’d just as soon not hear from.

Nobody cares if you have a headache.
Nobody wants to hear about your childs first haircut.
Nobody cares that you’re ordering fajitas tonight.

I’m not a negative Nancy.  I’m simply realistic. Nevertheless, it is my goal to become, to one degree or another, a succesful writer and as such I am participating in this writing platform run by writersdigest.com.   So here I am.  I will acknowledge the benefits of being able to reach out to other lovers of literature in an effort to promote my brand and/or connect with other like minded individuals however that first means that people must have heard of me to begin with.  I’d be surprised if anyone read this post to begin with.  In that regard, I view this not so much a blog as a journal entry.

Anyhow, onward and upward.

-Michael W. Doney